Damon Group Celebrates 20 Years

In January 2018 Damon Group celebrates its 20th anniversary

From a small workshop on the shores of Taihu Lake in Huzhou, Zhejiang Provence, Damon has grown to be a leading company for the innovation and supply of automated logistics systems for China’s e-commerce industry. In January 2018 Damon Group celebrates its 20th anniversary.


For 20 years Damon has been focused on changing traditional logistics systems through intelligent technology. Damon is a leader and innovator in the logistics equipment industry and has the largest market share for the supply of intelligent, large scale logistic systems for China’s e-commerce business.


Logistics has entered a new era of intelligence.  Damon is committed to integrating project planning, technology, research and development, manufacturing and project services to enhance the customers logistics systems.  Damon has been at the forefront for many projects for logistics centres for e-commerce, courier delivery, clothing, pharmaceutical and manufacturing.


The design of Damon’s 20th anniversary logo is a perfect interpretation of Damon’s endless innovation. Combining the endless roller shape from Damon’s logo with the number 2 shows Damon’s focus on core technologies for logistics for the past 20 years. Damon is dedicated to continuous innovation of technology for the logistics industry.