Our Partners

Founded in 1950, Japan KYOWA has been in business over 60 years. As part of Kawasaki Aircraft Company’s (Kawasaki Heavy Industry) machining processing centre, Japan KYOWA manufactures drive components for cars, motorcycles and agricultural machinery... More
The Dutch company CSi provides intelligent material handling solutions. Over 50 years CSi has become a global company with multiple sales offices and production facilities worldwide... More
HOKUSHO was founded in 1952. Hokusho’s goal was to develop labour saving solutions for handling operations within a warehouse and to pursue the diverse requirements of improving the working environment and efficiency. Hokusho is dedicated to continuously seek new technologies in this field.... More
Ancra’s headquarters is located in the Netherlands. Their predecessor, in the seventies was a branch of an American company - Ancra International LLC. Ancra was mainly engaged in the production and sales of roller conveyors for air cargo pallets... More