Welcome to Damon Australia Pty Ltd

Zhejiang DAMON Science and Technology Co. Ltd. was founded in 1997 and has focused on the development of logistics automation technology, product manufacturing and multi-level customer service. Damon pursues the idea of creating competitiveness for our customer’s logistic systems, continuously improving the quality and capability of our products and services and has grown to be the largest sorter and conveyor system manufacturer in China. As specialists in the design and manufacture of intelligent automated sortation conveyor systems, we cater to the needs of many industries. Manufactured to the highest standards, we bring you an extensive range of sortation system equipment and conveyor systems to suit the precise needs of your sector.

To better service our customers, the Damon Group has established a manufacturing plant in Melbourne, Australia to provide our clients access to our full product range while providing local support, service and customer care. We have a team of experienced engineers to provide complete sortation system and conveyor system design including conveyor system layouts and sortation system concepts and simulation. We strive to offer automated conveyor systems that simplify your logistics, increase capacity and reduce operating costs.

Our Conveying & Sorting Solutions

A complete range of advanced sorter technologies with the capacity to sort in excess of 40,000 pieces per hour.
A diverse selection of roller conveyors and belt conveyors for transporting various items such as cartons, totes and satchels.
Pallet roller conveyors, pallet chain conveyors, turntables, shuttle carts, pallet stackers, pallet dispensers.
A variety of different models to provide intelligent transportation for a multitude of industries and applications.  
Multi level reciprocating and continuous vertical lifts to transport cartons, totes and pallets with weight capacities from 100kg to 2000kg.
Highly efficient, fully automatic truck loading and unloading systems.
Automated solutions to provide "goods to person" storage and buffering. Dynamic pallet and carton storage systems.
Conveyor rollers to suit most applications from light duty carton handling to heavy duty pallet handling. Mounting feet, ball transfer units, omni directional wheels, carton flow track

For Your Project

Save Time & Money

Damon offers the complete range of conveying and sortation equipment which provide the best technical and cost effective solutions.

Electrical Design

Electrical design and motor control panels are tailored specifically for the robust requirements of the materials handling industry.


Professional project management and experienced teams for mechanical and electrical installation ensure projects are installed to the highest standards.

Mechanical Design

Mechanical design from system concept to detailed 3D parts, our engineers utilise the latest CAD and advanced simulation software.


PLC and Industrial PC software for all major brands. Field tested and proven interface with warehouse control systems.


In depth operating and maintenance training programs together with comprehensive operation and maintenance manuals.