Overhead Conveyors & Sortation Systems

Damon Group releases the “Duck” overhead sortation and conveying system at CeMAT Asia 2018

CeMAT ASIA is the leading international trade fair for material handling, automation, transport, and logistics technologies in Asia and was the perfect stage to launch Damon’s “Duck” overhead sorting and conveying system.


The overhead conveyor sorting systems are tailored for retail, e-commerce and garment factories. The Duck overhead sortation and conveyor system can be used to transport garments and hangers.  The design provides a durable and reliable system with minimum maintenance costs. The system offers functionalities including garment transporting, sorting and buffering.


With a transportation capacity of 9,000 pieces per hour and a sorting throughput of 5,000 pieces per hour, the Duck overhead sortation and conveying system is an ideal choice for e-commerce distribution centres, retail sorting centres, garment factories and logistics centres.