Partners - Ancra

Ancra’s headquarters is located in the Netherlands. Their predecessor, in the seventies was a branch of an American company - Ancra International LLC. Ancra was mainly engaged in the production and sales of roller conveyors for air cargo pallets. In 2001 Ancra was formally established. In the early years they successfully developed their postal parcel delivery system. On this basis, they further expanded their market share. Now, Ancra has become the market leader in automatic truck loading and unloading systems and have distributed their product throughout the whole of Europe.


Shanghai Damon Logistics Technology Co., Ltd is an Ancra partner and is the sole distributor and service provider of Ancra automatic handling system in Asia. In markets outside of Belgium, Netherlands and Luxembourg, Ancra have secured partner companies to provide customers with localised service and technical support.

Cooperative introduction of product

Shanghai Damon Logistics Technology Co., Ltd., distributes Ancra automatic handling systems including chain conveyors, chain plate loading systems, air pallet loading systems, sliding loading systems, mail and parcel loading systems as well as special purpose loading systems.

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