Partners - Kyowa

Founded in 1950, Japan KYOWA has been in business over 60 years. As part of Kawasaki Aircraft Company’s (Kawasaki Heavy Industry) machining processing centre, Japan KYOWA manufactures drive components for cars, motorcycles and agricultural machinery. Since the company has been established, they have constantly released new equipment and actively introduce new techniques. They are now praised as being reliable component manufacturers by our customers. Their best selling motor pulleys and electric rollers are widely used as the drive source for belt conveyors and roller conveyors.


In the spring of 2012, Damon Suzuki and Japan KYOWA began a comprehensive strategic cooperation for the Chinese market. In October 2012 at the Shanghai CEMAT exhibition, Damon Suzuki collaborated with Japan KYOWA to launch a new generation of 24V DC intelligent electric roller – SENERGY. The advanced 24V DC electric roller is locally assembled and serviced in China.

Cooperative introduction of product

The high performance Pulse Roller is the latest generation of the 24V DC Senergy intelligent electric roller. Of all similar products available, the Pulse Roller produces the highest amount of torque for a 24V DC electric roller. The 50mm diameter Pulse Roller can run at speeds up to 300 m/min. The Pulse Roller can be run in ECO Mode (high speed, lower torque) or BOOST mode (high torque, low speed) providing your logistics system cost efficiency and flexibility. The different drive modes are achieved via software or DIP switch settings on the drive module. There are multiple models of driver cards including driver cards with Ethernet network communication to suit your different application requirements and control solutions.

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