Forklift AGV's

Dansun's range of intelligent forklift AGV's includes pallet handling, stacking, counterbalance and reach type AGV's which provide comprehensive and reliable product handling solutions for customers in many industries including e-commerce, manufacturing and warehousing.


AGV’s utilise visual navigation (VSLAM) and laser navigation technology.
They are fitted with multiple safety measures including laser safety sensor, ultrasonic obstacle avoidance and collision avoidance as well as other safety measures.
Intelligent BMS power management system. Set multi-level battery thresholds. 24 hours uninterrupted operation.
Uses wireless local area network to ensure AGV achieves fast and seamless roaming.
The AC controller provides stepless speed regulation and reverse braking function.
Advanced vertical AC drive system provides more powerful and efficient operation with better acceleration.
The forklift is strong and sturdy. The front end of the fork is made of high strength, impact resistant cast steel and is difficult to deform.
The controller is equipped with protection functions including, overvoltage, overcurrent, undervoltage, high temperature, short circuit as well as other protection functions.
A floating bracket is installed in the center of the drive system to ensure stable operation of the vehicle. The forklift body remains stable and does not tilt when turning.
Masts are equipped with a lifting limit function as standard. When the fork is raised to the top, the system automatically cuts off the power supply and stops smoothly.
As standard, the system is equipped with an advanced, electronic power steering system.
The AC controller provides the system with unparalleled flexibility and accurate speed control.
Equipped with a pressurized oil cylinder, high speed output with low energy consumption is achieved and slipping under heavy loads is prevented.
AC motors require fewer components providing durability with low maintenance.
The controller is equipped with a self-diagnostics function. After connecting with the controller, the handheld unit can display the fault code which assists in quickly and accurately troubleshooting the fault.
The battery is easily replaced using the battery pull device which is fitted as standard.


Highly accurate positioning

Dasun utilizes visual / laser navigation technology to achieve accurate, real time positioning.

High reliability

Strong product performance and accurate operational control ensure maximum efficiency at all times. Product handling and transportation operations are more accurate.

Competitive pricing

AGV’s are appointed with advanced technology but are priced lower than similar products in the marketplace helping customers minimize costs.

Low maintenance costs

Dasun series forklifts use high quality components which are durable and efficient. The components require less maintenance and provide reliability for the lifespan of the vehicle.

Easy to use

Precise movement of the vehicle can be easily achieved without the need for additional auxiliary positioning equipment in the factory. Deployment is simple and operation is easy.

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DFB Series Pallet Handling Forklifts

The intelligent DFB series forklift provides single level handling ability for moving pallets. The high level computer system can provide multi-vehicle scheduling, seamlessly connectivity with the MES management system or WMS warehouse management system and display the running state of AGV in real time. It can be used in existing factories, warehouses, distribution centers and other sites to provide rapid transportation of goods.

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DFD Series Pallet Stacking Forklifts

The intelligent DFD series forklift can complete efficient and orderly operation of pallet movement. The maximum stacking height can reach up to 5 meters providing three dimensional storage of pallets and meet the functional requirements of automation upgrades to existing warehouses to maximize warehouse utilization.

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DFP Series Counterbalance Forklifts

The intelligent DFP series forklift is counter balanced to provide high stability and requires no additional supports under the fork. The maximum lifting height can reach up to 3 meters and is ideally suited for interfacing with all kinds of conveying lines and equipment to achieve maximum work efficiency.

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DFQ Series Reach Forklifts

The intelligent DFQ series forklift is counter balanced to provide high stability and requires no additional supports under the fork. The maximum lifting height can reach up to 4.5 meters. The forks have the ability move forward to pick up the goods and is stable and reliable. It can achieve the special working requirements of picking up goods from various types of machines and conveyor lines.

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