Belt Driven Roller Conveyors

The belt driven roller conveyor is a powered conveyor where the load or product is carried directly on carrying rollers. An endless flat belt drives the carrying rollers. Adjustable height pressure rollers located below the carrying rollers engage the belt with the carrying rollers providing the power to transport the product. Commonly used for long distance transportation.


  • Suitable for diverting and merging. Driven from underneath the roller. The top of roller is higher than the top of frame on both sides.
  • Safe roller drive – Carrying rollers are mounted in an open slot.  Rollers float on the drive belt and pop out should a jam occur.
  • Strong driving force on the roller – When goods apply positive pressure to the floating roller, friction between the roller and belt is increased thereby increasing the driving force on the roller.
  • Low noise when running at high speed. Flexible drive belt. Precision drive roller.
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