Poly Vee Driven Roller Conveyors

Poly Vee belt driven roller conveyors are quiet in operation and offer the options for both transportation

and zero pressure accumulation. Rollers are driven by vee-belts.  Vee belt driven conveyors are easy to install and maintain.  Drive options include 24V DC motorised rollers and motors with a reduction gearbox 24V DC motorised roller drives are mounted within the conveyor frame at the same level as the rollers.  Motor and reducer drive units are mounted under the conveyor frame.


  • Strong power transmission: Vee belts have outstanding mechanical drive capability and high torque transmission.
  • Zero pressure accumulation: Independent drive unit combinations can be used to provide zero pressure accumulation.
  • Adjustable speed: Use of 24V DC motorised roller and drive control cards can adjust the running speed.
  • Low running noise: Vee belt driven rollers offer almost zero driving noise.
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