D30-NB90 Narrow Belt Sorter

The D30-NB90 sorting technology employs multiple parallel narrow belts as a conveying surface and pop-up roller transfers as diverters. It is designed to handle and sort a variety of products into high density sort lanes minimizing the footprint on your shop floor.


  • Sorting capacity 1200pcs/hr to 3000pcs/hr.
  • Multiple narrow belts provide smooth transportation of product.
  • Narrow belts run in an ultra high molecular polyethylene guide with low noise levels and without deviation.
  • Each narrow belt has a separate automatic tensioning device.
  • Narrow belt installation and replacement is simple.
  • Independently driven right angle transfer modules can be single or bi-directional.
  • Compact right angle transfer modules allow for more sorting lanes.
  • Modular design allows easy reconfiguration or relocation.
  • Designed for simple installation and easy maintenance.
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