D30-SW Swivel Wheel Sorter

Options to operate the swivel include a pneumatic cylinder or an electric stepper motor eliminating the need for a compressed air supply. As it is a separate module, it can be mounted between two conveyors. The module is easily installed and maintained and has a very low failure rate.


High sorting capacity.

The swivel wheel device is designed for high speed and bidirectional sorting to both sides at the same time with a maximum rate of 4,200 pieces/hour.

Multiple modes and applications.

The swivel wheel device uses unique inline bidirectional sorting technology and is self-powered or powered by the conveyor. Drive for the swivel divert can be pneumatic or electromagnetic dependent on the availability of air supply at the customer’s site.

Flexible and reliable sorting.

Inline double row swivel wheel technology protects conveyed goods from vibration and damage. Reliable sortation of goods from 0.5kg to 30kg.

Low noise.

Utilizes new materials and noise elimination technology which make the working environment more comfortable.

Easy layout and maintenance.

Uses modular unit design and embedding construction making it easy for sorting positions to be placed at any position along both sides of the conveyor line. The swivel wheel sorter is practical, simple, convenient and easily maintained.

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