Overhead Conveyors & Sorter Systems

The Duck overhead conveyor and sorter systems are suitable for transporting single bags and single hangers in e-commerce distribution centres, retail sorting, garment factories and logistics centres.

Overhead conveyor and sorter systems are available in a range of configurations including single rail, powered bi-rail and manually operated bi-rail systems.

To compliment the overhead conveyor and sorter systems, a range of accessories is available such as the trolley tilt conveyor to conveyor goods between floor levels, an automatic packing system to load cartons and a truck loading conveyor system.

The Duck overhead conveyor and sorter systems have only a handful of transmission components, so it requires very little maintenance. The simplified structural design makes the Duck overhead conveyor system reliable and durable. Maintenance costs are almost zero.


The “Duck” high speed single overhead conveyor and sorter system is capable of automatic sorting and accumulation as well as creating an effective sequencing system. Due to the compact dimensions of the conveyor, it is convenient to configure multilevel sorting and sequencing systems.

Goods can be sorted to branch rails based on a barcode or RFID tag. The goods are then manually handled on the branch rail.


The overhead bi-rail conveyor and sorter system with the B28 trolley is capable of transporting larger and heavier goods. Each trolley can carry and transport several items at the same time. The B28 system can be used for long distances and multilevel storage. One of the features to note is the ability to receive accumulated and sorted goods automatically.

The overhead bi-rail B28 conveyor and sorter system derives its name from the fact that it is equipped with upper and lower rails with B28 trolley. The upper rail is used for driving the main conveyor chain. The lower rail is used to support the trolley to carry and transport the goods.


The manual overhead bi-rail conveyor system with the B28 trolley has remarkable features for transporting large loads and large volumes. The trolley slides in two directions and can be easily pushed manually with a load up to 50kg.

The manual conveyor system offers a low cost option for materials handling. This is an important consideration for the overhead conveyor system solution. Maintenance costs are almost zero due to the absence of a drive system.


The trolley lifting conveyor is an essential accessory which is setup between building levels. With a totally enclosed design, it offers safe, noiseless and convenient operation. Featuring an engineering resign chain, it doesn’t require lubrication.


The B28 conveyor system may also include subsidiary equipment such as the automatic packing system for cartons that can be integrated into a logistics system to assist production.

The efficiency of the automatic packing system is 60 cartons per hour per person. Utilising the automatic packing system significantly reduces packing costs.

This B28 system constantly replenishes garments to the automatic packing conveyor to achieve a perfect packing process.


This overhead conveyor system for loading and unloading trucks includes a telescopic section making it convenient for working in the back of trucks. It can be fitted with an automatic vacant trolley for accumulation to reduce the waiting time of loading and improve the loading efficiency.

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