Automatic Truck Loading / Unloading Systems

ATLS is a system that can accelerate your loading / unloading process. It requires the combination of two systems: one system in the trailer and a fixed installation inside the loading and unloading dock. A semi trailer can be fully loaded within a few minutes after the press of a button.

Benefits of ATLS

  • Reduced working time because trailers can be loaded or unloaded in a few minutes.
  • Fewer logistics personnel due to automation of the loading and unloading process.
  • Fewer forklift trucks and associated equipment due to automation of the loading and unloading process.
  • Fewer loading and unloading docks because each dock can handle higher volumes.
  • Reduced damage to goods and equipment due to a controlled loading and unloading process.
  • Safer working environment for personnel.
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It consists of aluminium slats or steel slats. Chain and slat guide supported by wear resistant plastic


It suits for different kind of loads with various dimensions.

It is easy to install in the trailer due to the low height (min. 135mm) and light weight.

Applications: auto industry (tyres); consumer goods (paper roll), industrial (special pallets, containers with wheels).



It is driven through chain and is ideal for standard pallets.

The length of chain conveyor system can be up to 14m with a maximum load of 30T.

It can be conveniently mounted in existing or new trailers without the need for major bodywork or modifications.

It is perfect for dry freight trailers as well as refrigerated and deep freeze trailers.



Belts are clean and free from grease.

The belt is sealed and suitable for various item dimensions from small envelopes to middle sized cartons.

Unloading of a truck can be completed within 15 minutes with efficiency improvements of up to 200%.

Applications: courier and mail service (envelopes, parcels and items of different sizes and types.)



Zinc-plated steel rollers mounted on extruded aluminium frames and enclosed with a steel top plate.

When in use, the rollers are raised pneumatically to lift the pallets. The pallets are moved manually or by hydraulic wheel drives.

When not in use, the steel rollers are retracted into the section which has the advantage that the work floor or cargo floor can be driven over with a forklift or hand pallet truck.

It can also be incorporated into elevators, which make it much easier to load and unload trailers with varying floor heights.

Applications: air freight, air pallets, ULD’s and containers.



The main function is to automatically load and unload a complete load in one go. However, the pallets are first configured to create a compact unit ready for handling.

No automatic loading/unloading systems are required in the trailer, so no extra investments needed.

The skate system is a fixed system required to be installed at a fixed location for the loading / unloading platform.

Ancra’s skate system allows 33 pallets to be loaded / unloaded in a process that is completed in six minutes.

Applications: palletised goods.