Telescopic Belt Conveyors

Damon’s telescopic belt conveyors provide convenient loading and unloading with safe, reliable and efficient operation. The overall construction is ergonomic in design which greatly reduces the labour intensity of operators, significantly improves the efficiency of loading and unloading to save time, labour and money.

Through the control push buttons or operating lever, the telescopic belt conveyor can be easily controlled to tilt up and down to adapt to the vehicle height and freely extend and retract to reach the loading and unloading position. It is especially suitable for handling cartons, woven bags, parcels, luggage, tires, plastic totes, boxes and other goods with a flat bottom.


Energy saving
The unique construction and design greatly reduce the required motor power.
Ingenious power supply design significantly reduces power requirements and cable usage.
Under the same load, it can save up to 60% more power compared with traditional models.
High level of safety
The front and tail ends of the telescopic belt conveyor are equipped with emergency stop buttons to easily respond to emergencies.
All transmission parts have safety protection, rubber brushes and rubber covers to eliminate pinch points.
The front end of the telescopic belt conveyor is equipped with mechanical and photoelectric anti-collision devices.
High efficiency
The conveying speed is up to 120m/min, which is about 40% faster than similar products.
High speed transportation can save space while significantly improving efficiency.
With a load rating of 80 kg/metre on all telescopic belt conveyor models, efficient transportation can save working hours and reduce the number of staff.
Extremely easy to use
Optional tilt adjustment to accurately adjust the angle of the arm according to the height of the goods to provide labour saving unloading operation.  Two hydraulic cylinders are used to adjust the height of the front frame of the telescopic belt conveyor so that the front end can be raised and lowered to achieve the optimal operating height.  Complete safety measures ensure that the telescopic belt conveyor does not fall if the hydraulic unit fails.
An operator cage mounted on the front of the telescopic belt conveyor can be used for staff to stand on to allow them to reach high products which can effectively reduce the impact of loading and unloading (especially suitable for fruits and fragile products...).
The telescopic belt conveyor can be installed on rails to provide lateral movement.  The telescopic belt conveyor can easily be transversely moved with a push button providing multi-door loading and unloading or moved clear to make way for forklifts.
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TBC3 - Three Section Telescopic Belt Conveyor
TBC4 - Four Section Telescopic Belt Conveyor
TBC5 - Five Section Telescopic Belt Conveyor