Conveyor Rollers

Damon specialise in the manufacture of high performance and efficient conveyor rollers. We offer a comprehensive range of conveyor rollers to enable you to choose a roller that meets the exact requirements for your conveyor system. From light duty PVC conveyor rollers to heavy duty pallet conveyor rollers, Damon has the expertise and specialist equipment needed to manufacture the entire range. Our commitment to quality has made us the first choice for clients across Australia.

To complete our range of conveyor rollers, Damon is an authorised distributor of Pulse Rollers. The 24V DC powered conveyor rollers use an internal brushless motor which delivers unrivalled high torque with a very low energy consumption.

Gravity conveyors are the most popular and simple method of conveying goods. Rollers are non-powered. Goods are moved and conveyed by gravity or human force. Conveyors are typically arranged horizontally or declined.
Driven conveyors transport goods steadily, reliably and with accurate speed. Depending on the driving method, conveyors are classified as “belt driven conveyors” or “chian driven conveyors”.
Accumulation conveyors not only achieve the same function as common drive conveyors but also allows goods to stop and accumulate on the conveyor line without stopping the conveyor drive.
The different diameters over the length of the tapered roller i.e. small one end and large the other end, provides a linear velocity to ensure smooth conveying of goods around the curve.
PulseRollers are driven by powerful, internal, brushless DC motors capable of delivering high torque whilst using very low amounts of energy. Typically used in conveyors for zero pressure accumulation or general transportation.
Damon Australia offers a full range of accessories including ball transfer units, skate wheels, omni-directional wheels, Floway wheel track and adjustable conveyor mounting feet.
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