DARE CBS-I Cross Belt Sorter

The Damon cross belt sorter features high efficiency, low power consumption, high speed, low noise and low error rates at low cost. The sorter’s low power consumption loop drive, cross belt servo drive and low running noise achieve a sorting rate of 25,000 p/h.


Cross belt servo roller drive technology.

Instead of the traditional timed synchronisation drive, pulse counting ensures more accurate induction of objects onto the cross-belt sorter.

Modular quick-release construction for easy maintenance.

The introduction of a modular construction design and quick release technology makes changing a cross belt car extremely convenient taking only five minutes.

Low power consumption.

Compared with the traditional cross belt sorters, the application of new technology including a new drive system, extremely light car body and utilising low power consumption running gear, construction, etc. reduces the energy consumption by 20%.

High speed, low noise.

A perfect mix of a super light aluminium vehicle body with optimized construction and low running noise design provides a noise level under 65dB.