Additional Design Information

  1. The longer and wider the goods, the more reliably the goods will convey in a straight line. If the goods are very short and small, installing auxiliary devices should be considered to ensure the goods convey straight.
  2. The taller the goods, the higher the risk of them failing over during conveying. Please consider the following solutions:
  • Reduce the roller pitch to allow more rollers to support the goods.
  • Avoid sudden acceleration or braking.
  • When conveying on an incline or decline, check the centre of gravity of the goods to determine the risk of the goods falling.
  1. Our anti-static design inside the roller will transmit the electric charge to the shaft of the roller and then discharge it through the earth connection to the conveyor frame. Please note, do not allow the frame surface treatment to inhibit the earth connection.
  2. The conveyors mentioned are for non-impact loading. Where impact loading occurs, you need to not only reinforce the conveyor frame and support legs but also the roller:
  • Reduce the roller pitch accordingly.
  • Increase the roller diameter or tube thickness.
  1. Our standard products will satisfy your requirements of operation under normal environmental conditions and humidity. If the rollers are subject to long term exposure in a humid environment, please consider stainless steel or other water-proof and anti-corrosion materials.