Is the product suitable for a roller conveyor?

A product with a hard and flat bottom surface such as cardboard, flat bottom plastic boxes, metal work bins, wooden pallets, etc. are suitable for roller conveyors.
Product with a bottom surface that is soft or irregular such as soft boxes, handbags, components with an irregular bottom etc. are not suitable to be conveyed on a roller conveyor.
Note: Objects with a small contact surface i.e. point contact or line contact, may damage the roller (localized abrasion, damage to the tapered sleeve, etc.)


  1. Plastic components are fragile at low temperatures. Different series rollers are suited to different temperatures (check characteristics for each series). When exceeding the specified temperature range, please contact us for advice.
  2. In some circumstances such as powder production, rubber lagged rollers cannot be used in a dusty environment.
  3. Polyurethane absorbs colours easily and may not be suitable for transporting coloured packages or goods.