Tube Material

Following the ongoing development of tube making and welding techniques, steel pipes with a longitudinal electric weld, commonly known as Welded Tube, has been replaced with hot rolled seamless tube and has become the most commonly used material for conveyor roller manufacturing. Hot rolled seamless tube satisfies the requirements for mechanical properties and curvature. The advantages of hot rolled seamless tube is appearance, balance and cost.

Common Tube Sizes

The hardness of aluminium alloy is only 1/3 in comparison to steel tube and stainless steel tube. It weighs only 36% of steel tube and features water proof and rust proof properties. It is suitable for light weight applications and wet working conditions. It is also specified in some industries e.g. rubber.
The load capacity of PVC tube is much lower than steel tube of the same diameter but has the following features:
1. Corrosion resistant, good chemical stability.
2. Easy cleaning.
3. The roller is light, easy start-up.
4. Low noise, shockproof.
Welded stainless steel tube is a commonly used material for conveyor rollers. It has an attractive appearance, good corrosion resistance and is much more durable than common steel tube. The two most commonly used material numbers are as follows: